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- Develop shared knowledge, resources and practices on how to engage with implementing gender equality measures in the context of lack of structural capacities.

- Developing knowledge and “how-to” counteract resistances.

- Joint work toward fostering systemic policy incentives that would push the academic institutions towards implementing gender equality measures at the institutional level.



The construction of the CoP vision will be the result of the dialogue and exchange process that has begun. It is expected to define the specificity of the CoP, the objectives that will be proposed and based on that, to design a consensus work plan to promote and/or strengthen institutional policies for gender equality in academia. In the initial phase, the information collected through the diagnostic instrument (the questionnaire - GEAM CORE) will be a relevant input to guide this reflection.

Date of creation: 
Friday, December 13, 2019
Geographic coverage: 
Latin America
Contact person: 

María del Carmen Tamargo: mctamargo@gmail.com
Blas Fernandez: bfernandez@flacso.org.ar