Update of the LAC CoP

The Latin American Community of Practice continues to hold its agenda of meetings on a monthly basis, the last ones held in November 2020 and in March and April 2021 were dedicated to analyzing the results of the two webinars held in October 2020 "LAC CoP Virtual Conference: transformations in progress" and from this arose the proposal to produce a publication.

The purpose of the publication is to contribute to the reflective analysis of the experiences and lessons learned in the region on the processes of institutionalization of gender equality policies in universities and research centers. It will compile various articles prepared by members of the Community of Practice. It is the result of the work process carried out by the Community of Practice for the institutionalization of gender equality policies in Latin America within the framework of the ACT on Gender Project and the development of the Conference "Transformations in process: Towards the institutionalization of gender equality policies and programs and curricular and pedagogical change in Latin American universities and research centers" held in October 2020.

This publication will be presented at the Third World Conference on Education to be held in October of this year.