Main Achievements CoP LAC

CoP Lac involves representatives of gender equality units or offices from 14 universities and research institutions from different LAC countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico).

Since its creation and despite the different level of development of gender equality policies, this CoP has functioned as an environment of horizontal exchange and developed a strong sense of belonging based on trust and shared interest in optimizing strategies and skills in order to advance and achieve positive results in the institutions. It carried out periodic online meetings (in general twice a month) following a working program agreed by all members.

It also created a blog with the purpose of sharing resources for the institutionalisation of gender equality plans and programs (GEP) in universities and research centres (it comprises documents, research reports, articles, book references, videos, etc.).

The CoP LAC organised and held an online conference titled: "Transformations in process. Towards the institutionalisation of policies and programmes for gender equality and curricular and pedagogical change in universities and research centres in Latin America" (October 2020). More than 500 participants from different countries attended this online event.


Currently, this CoP is producing a publication comprising articles written by its members. Which will be disseminated at the Third UNESCO Conference on Higher Education in 2022. Its purpose is to share and analyse lessons learned at the COP LAC on the processes of institutionalisation of gender equality policies in Latin American universities and research centres in order to contribute to the debates and the conclusions of the global conversation on higher education reforms. Recent assessments of participants' opinions demonstrate a high level of satisfaction of all members of this COP. They highlight the conceptual and methodological growth and collaborative and supportive “climate” of the group.